The Times catches on to Ask Gothamist's slight obsession with subway etiquette. (*cough* We think out complaints are totally legit, though!)

2004_12_askfeet.jpgAnyway, the Times and the MTA want you to know that it's not appropriate to put your feet on the seats. This may seem silly, but we've all seen that guy who thinks it's okay to use the adjacent seat as a foot rest.

Perhaps this woman explained it most succinctly:

Stephanie Peterkin, 39, a bartender from Staten Island, said it was common sense that putting one's feet on the seats is rude. "I'm a grown woman, but my mother would still smack me for that," she said.

All this is part of a new set of regulations put together by the state, the first new rules on subway behavior since 1994. Other proposed restrictions include banning the use of skateboards, prohibiting people from walking between cars, and preventing people from straddling their bikes while riding the train.

We are particularly fond of this picture, though. Because... wow.

Other subway behavior that irks us: kids selling candy for their "basketball uniforms", people who feel the need to whip out the cell phones as soon as they're above ground, people who take up space with purses and shopping bags on seats, and people who cut their nails while riding the train.

Photo from the Ting-Li Wang/New York Times