-- Three people shot outside Farragut Houses in Vinegar Hill-- we were biking by around 5 and there were tons of police and reporters milling around.
-- Union Square Ventures invaded by killer pigeon-- COMMENCE PANIC!
-- Jesus Toni, enough about 24 already!
-- Woman turns tricks out of apartment and teaches four year old to insult dad in Chinese: "You are stupid because your wife is sleeping with other men."
-- And tonight is Critical Mass-- 7pm at Union Square, with a party on Houston Street afterwards. Now with less police harassment!
-- Trade Center talks stalled once again-- maybe Silverstein and Pataki should settle this with fisticuffs!
-- Elizabeth "This isn't because I'm a Lesbian, Is It?" Rohm: hottest L&O D.A. ever, is volunteering with the NYC Red Cross. Good for her!
-- Good news: choking baby and nanny hit by truck earlier in the week are both doing well.
-- New vocabulary: shop-dropping, the act of covertly placing merchandise on display in a store.
-- These guys REALLY love New York.

Fake tilt-shift of Prospect Heights by Michael.