- A suspended Bronx police officer was arrested again for allegedly raping a woman who he'd offered a lift.

- We're not sure we'd call it a "Big Dig" yet, but this doesn't sound like fun.

- Oy. A teacher at Bronx Science has TB.

- Come to think of it, there are a lot of banks in Forest Hills, Queens.

- The Department of Sanitation is working on getting some eco-friendly garbage trucks. Visions of Back to the Future 2 are running through our heads.

- "Residents" say: "The encroaching vagabonds are turning their tony stretch of Greene Street into a slum by parading in and out at all hours, blasting music and turning the sidewalks into urinals." We say: About time SoHo got back to its roots...

Chrysler Building by Dustin3000 via G'ist Contribute.