First off, a bit more on the weather:
- KNOW: We beat the snowfall record by .5 inches!
- SEE: The nyc blizzard flickr stream continue to grow!
- WATCH: Medieval Snow Fighting in Union Square.
- CONTEMPLATE: What transit contract did this guy get?

As for the other stuff:
- Dick Cheney shot a fellow hunter. No comment.

- The TImes on Craigslist, Real Estate Agents and the new fees.

- Uhm, LoHo? No.

- Brace yourself. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicks off tomorrow.

- The Metro section notices Bloomie's lady friend.

- Shock! Sex predators may be using online dating sites!

- Finally, totally unrelated, Spirit, the little rover off chilling on Mars, is finding some crazy stuff. This kind of reminds us of a Dali painting...

Photo from Citycrab's flickr stream via G'ist Contribute.