- Regular lofts are for poor people: Diane von Furstenberg is building herself an entertainment complex.
- Nutmilk, "you-Rhine", and severe dyslexia: the world of subway-masturbator Dan Hoyt.
- A donor with baggage is causing a $200m headache for NYU.
- Don't cry Matt Lauer! They'll find you a new best-friend
- We tried tip #1 from this list today, and happiness continued to elude us-- but soaking-wetness did not.
- Spring in the Kalahari: less animals and more bulldozers than we expected.
- $200 for a hotel room in Park Slope? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?
- Well, it's still cheap compared to the $37 million the Natural History Museum is spending on its 77th Street facade. That's one hell of an expensive wall.
- Wait, that's how you spell "villain"? That's news to us!

Publisher's note: Jen Chung is back from her wedding and honeymoon and ready to rock! She'll be back on duty starting tomorrow morning.

Beautiful Battery skyline by MDPNY.