- We're in awe of some of Apartment Therapy's smallest, coolest apartments.
- Commence panic: juviPod crime wave continues!
- No ringtones for the pious: introducing kosher cellphones.
- Cop-killer Lillo Brancato's ex-girlfriend was arrested for DUI on the Hutch-- maybe she'll see her dad in jail.
- Some people are still designing their own WTC memorials.
- We love free Brooklyn street cheese! But really, who doesn't?
- Someone has KIDNAPPED the Tom's Diner cat! NOOOOOO!

Oh, and the MTA has a nice juicy F-U for nightowl Williamsburgers: no L-train service midnight to 5am weekdays for the next two weeks. Gypsy cabs rejoice!

Beautiful photograph of Reverend Billy by DogSeat.