- An off-duty cop fighting with a group of "thugs" was shot early yesterday morning by another police officer.

- The inevitable spread of children throughout the West Village is affecting local businesses.

- One of the East Villages "last bohemians" passes on.

- The Onion moved to New York five years ago, remains funny.

- The Daily News reports that "Donald Trump, the Rockefeller Group and Ford Models were among the tycoons and huge corporations that received federal 9/11 recovery grants earmarked by congress for small businesses." Yuck.

- A New York father answered the phone and walked into a Greek tragedy.

- Lizzie Grubman, PR-something [link NSFW], is getting hitched.

- Happy lunar new years everybody! Welcome to the Year of the Dog! From everyone here at Gothamist HQ wish you all the best in 4704!

Catching Confetti from The Modern Age's flickr stream via G'ist Contribute.