- Check out DogSeat's amazing Phagwah set-- great Holga work. One example is above.
- Guess there's no one left to mess with on Wall Street: Spitzer is going after spammers!
- We love musical theater, but this is ridiculous!
- Here's a smart idea: tracking ACS cases using the Compstat system.
- Garth loves these Ansel Adams pix-- but they're of Los Angeles, so we remain unimpressed.
- Kottke turned us on to finger-breakdancing-- check out that headspin!
- This is the most disgusting thing we've ever seen. Thanks, Tod!

And a big Friday shoutout to all of the generous advertisers that keep Gothamist blogging:
- Hersheys, makers of the delicious Take Five chocolate bar. Seriously-- we decided to try them because we saw the banners on the site, and they did not disappoint. It's a mix of chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter-- and available at a candy store near you. Yum!
- The Whitney Biennial, which is rumored to be quite good.
- Tower Video in the Village: we used to spend hours there during college looking at the magazines, and still stop by to get box-sets of Lost and the Simpsons.
- The New York Times! What would we do without you, beloved gray lady?
- New York City Teaching Fellows-- we've got a ton of friends in the program, and we're in awe of the good work they are doing.
- Huff on Showtime (Hank Azaria in the house!) and Brick, a big winner at Sundance. Check them out.