Ever hear the one about one thief accidently shooting the other during a bungled robbery and then running away to leave his friend to die? Now you have.

Two 13 year old kids (!) got arrested for Saturday's Bronx stabbing of a 15 year-old kid. Motive was to steal a cell-phone, and it looks like both will be charged as adults.

Not depressed enough yet? Murders are up 11% and rapes are up 20% compared to the same period last year. Still, crime is down overall. Our theory? Less public masturbation arrests-- when was the last time you heard about one of those?

In slightly less horrifying news, Today in New York has a blog. Check it out-- Rob Morrison's eyes seem to follow you wherever you move!

You probably thought we weren't going to mention graffiti today-- but you were so, so wrong! Here's a little remote control car that draws graf. So cute!

Also amusing: KDunk's first day at a new job.

And if you're drink drink drink drinking tonight, print out Thrillist's list of late-night-food venues-- it's a practical alternative to a one-night-stand with some stranger you met at the Magician!

Flipped-version of a beautiful puddle shot by the one-and-only Joe Holmes.