- Check out the sponsored link beneath our Braunstein coverage from yesterday... indeed (thanks Joe!). Did we mention that Peter Braunstein got busted?

- And in the battle of "we're not an ATM" MTA VS "we're almost-striking" TWU: Surprising nobody, the transit negotiations are back on!

- A female security guard at a middle-school dance in Brooklyn suffered a fatal heart attack after being punched by a 12-year-old girl. She is the second school safety agent to die in the line of duty since 2000.

- "A patrol officer responding to a report of a suspicious package in Brooklyn walked gingerly toward an abandoned suitcase and let the cat out of the bag. While he was at it, he let the kittens out, too."

- The Gray Lady reports on the terrifying new trend of college students returning home for the holidays.

- Want to debrief on all of the major eminent domain issues going on in the city? Then the Gotham Gazette has a great article just for you.

- Forget the Gates, forget the Floating Island. The Washington Square Arch may be transformed into a 60-foot-tall giant harp for 10 days. We approve.