2007_04_dominiguez.jpgStudying for the LSATs is nothing compared to stripping down for Playboy TV! The Daily News reports that Adriana Dominguez is getting a lot of attention for a naked romp that is circulating on the Internet. Dominiguez posed for Playboy TV's "Naked Happy Girls" - episode, "Rock Star and the Lawyer" (here's a link - definitely NSFW) - where she gets spanked and poses with gavels among other things. Though the show aired in January, a clip has been forwarded to law schools and law firms in the past month.

The Daily News tracked down Dominiguez, who e-mailed, "I did not expect it to become so widespread. I do not know how it was leaked." She originally told the photographer, "I wanted to do something a little crazy before I graduate and do become a lawyer ... do something kind of out of character." And the photographer, Andrew Einhorn, told the News, "When we shot, she knew what might happen down the road if these pictures might get shown to people in her field.But she had this self-confidence to not let that bother her. I don't think that she felt that this would be negative in any way to her career."

However, a spokesperson for the NY State Bar's Committee on Character and Fitness says, "It may have an effect. It's a possibility in the worst-case scenario that the person does not get admitted." And what did Brooklyn Law have to say about Dominiguez, a third-year student who graduated from U.Penn, interned at the Brooklyn DA's office, and was treasurer for Brooklyn Law's Legal Association of Activist Women? "We don't want this to ruin the career of a young lawyer."

Dominguez's Playboy TV photographs are after the jump. But warning: if you work at a white shoe law firm, the time you spend staring at these SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED BILLABLE HOURS.