The former emergency medical technician who took a photograph of a dead woman's body and then posted it on his Facebook page was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. Mark Musarella, 47, had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and managed to avoid a jail sentence; however, besides the community service, he must turn in his EMT license and never apply for another one again.

Caroline Wimmer's parents found her strangled body in her Staten Island apartment in March 2009. Calvin Lawson, who was convicted of her murder, apparently confronted and killed Wimmer because she allegedly told his girlfriend that they were having an affair.

Musarella had initially pleaded not guilty—his lawyer chalked up the incident to his "raw sense of humor" and a mistake—but yesterday his lawyer said, "My client has nothing but remorse for any pain he caused the victim's family. He feels terribly that this happened. He indicated all along that this occurred as a result of a mechanical error, a mistake, and was not done intentionally. Hopefully this brings some closure to my client and the victim's family."

Wimmer's mother, who has been fighting to make it a felony for first responders to post images of victims on Facebook, told the Staten Island Advance, "I'd love to see him go to jail, but it wasn't going to happen under the current laws. Unfortunately, the laws are still in the Stone Age. We need to get into the Computer Age."