2006_04_snetslogo.jpgLawrence Frank must wonder why his team can't play their best basketball when they don't trail in this series. For the second time this series, the Nets coach saw his players respond from a loss, this time in a 97-88 win over the Pacers Saturday. Just as it appeared in the other win, the Nets' recipe for success included an efficient night from Vince Carter, a more involved Jason Kidd and a foul-ridden performance by Pacer Jermaine O'Neal. The Indiana forward fouled out with 1:21 to go, stopping the momentum his team had gathered in the game's final minutes.

WIth game five in New Jersey Tuesday, Gothamist would hope the Nets have gotten the lackadaisical play out of their systems. They have regained home court advantage in this series, but if they are to make any noise in the playoffs, winning game five at home and game six at Indiana would be helpful. Frank does not want this series to go seven games. If the Nets lose Tuesday, Gothamist would be concerned about their making it out of the series alive. The team's performance is frustating because of its inconsistency. Will the up-and-down effort end Tuesday?