2005-06-shenn.jpgSean Henn can’t seem to beat the Devil Rays. Summoned from AAA to make a second start against the Rays, Henn produced the same results as the first and the Yankees lost to Tampa 5-4. Henn had been an emergency starter in May and claimed that nervousness led to his poor performance. This time around he had flown into New York on Sunday to prepare, but it made no difference as he walked seven batters in just over four innings and left with the Yankees losing 4-0.

The Yankee defense did not play well either. Derek Jeter made an ill-advised throw to Alex Rodriguez that sailed wide and allowed a run to score. Gary Sheffield couldn’t haul in a line drive to right that allowed another run to score. Rumors are rampant that the Yankees are trying to acquire Mark Kotsay or Mike Cameron and Gothamist is all for it as long as the Yankees don’t give up Philip Hughes.

The lone bright spot for the Yankees was the continued hot hitting of Hideki Matsui. Matsui who won the AL Player of the Week award for his performance last week hit his fourth homer in the past seven games leading Gothamist to wonder if the Yankees should start intentionally spraining their ankles. Randy Johnson will take the mound Tuesday as the Yankees look to improve on their 2-5 record against the Rays.

Photo by Frank Franklin II/AP via Yankees.com