Happy Holidays!

Chances are, you're reading this the day after Christmas, back at your day job after all-too-short a holiday, and the last thing you want from us is stuff about the holidays. But that's just too bad. Because, see, here in the Ist-A-Verse, we do things ahead of time. It might be December 26 for you, but that's what you get for not checking your Favorite Local Blog on Christmas Eve.

Austinist is in good holiday spirits, and so is their interview, Andy Roddick. They know what CDs they want in their stockings, but more than that, they know that the greatest gift you can give them is making fun of a famous Austinite on national television.

Torontoist isn't really feeling the Christmas spirit, though: unfortunately, there's still no snow in Toronto. Maybe if somebody were to put a big Christmas tree at this famous intersection, it would help. The thing they'd like best, though, is probably a big fat royalty check. Natch.

Parisist readied for Christmas and bought a few gifts in Marais. To reward their efforts, they were given the gift of more convenient public transit and cleaner air. Having a less-happy holiday? The SDF of Paris.

DCist has a super-helpful local gift guide for last-minute shoppers. On their list of gift requests? A jukebox. They can probably get a good one, used. Unfortunately, some folks are less holiday-minded than they. To cheer up, they're going light-looking.

Phillyist was all about interviews this week, even as they were preparing for the holidays. They rallied against bad Christmas music and holiday retail protocol, all the while celebrating the best parts of the holiday. Like the food. And the gifts. And the football. Not the yeast infections, though. Those aren't fun for anybody.

Chicagoist was, in editor Scott's words, "all up in the holidays" this week. They named some uniquely Chicago holiday gifts, tried to figure out how-to-tip for the holidays, and even made a gingerbread version of some classic Chicago architecture, complete with lights! They also remembered the death of the first Mayor Daley, and tried to remember those less fortunate this year.


Londonist was invaded by Santas, held spellbound by a giant snowman competition, came up with some children's books they'd like to see, decided on the best video of the year, and accepted a new savior into their lives.

Houstonist to former President Bush and wife, Barbara: "you can ring my bell!" Houston's local soccer team auctioned off its MLS trophy, and its area politicians maybe aren't celebrating the holidays appropriately. And you'll probably want to drink plenty of Houstonist's egg nog before you check out this crazy video.

LAist gives the gift of free music, all wrapped up in a nice package, and delivered by naked Santas.

SFist took a look at who wanted to give
their mayor a very special holiday holiday gift
. Someone in San Francisco wants to give area commuters a
big, helpful gift
; someone else in San Francisco wants to screw with the animals in a local nativity scene. And, look! href="http://www.sfist.com/archives/2006/12/18/harry_denton_and_donna_sachets_drag_brunch.php">Christmas
drag queens!

Bostonist has some potential dirt on Santa Claus, and an idea for gift he could bring to blackmail them out of spilling it. The mayor knows where to do your Christmas shopping in Boston, and it's downstairs, and probably not where Rachael Ray does her shopping. But who knows, what with all the media craziness in the city?

Shanghaiist reported on some decidedly un-holiday-spirit news: two American mountain climbers are missing in China and there's not much information on their whereabouts. Back on the lighter side of the news, here's a stupid way to get yourself fired right before the holidays, sweet potatoes are awesome, and Madonna only has a few years left to adopt a baby in China.

And finally, Gothamist knows exactly what sort of gift you should be buying for your friend from Brooklyn. You might also consider investing in some anger management classes for your friend the stockbroker. They also ask a question we're dying for the answer to, accuse Knicks coach Isiah Thomas of trying tos tart something, and keep us updated on The Donald and the "nice, fat little Rosie." They also assume that nothing will happen on the NYC music scene during the last week of 2006.

Image of a cat on a least on Gothamist, by Flickr user NYCViaRachel.