Londonist prepares a Happy Birthday bath for Buddah this week and then things get all cliched. A madman goes on a rampage while axe-wiedling and London's mayor warns an American diplomat to avoid the kitchen if the heat bothers him so much.

silverlakesingless.jpgLAist has finally come around to purchasing tickets for Clipper Train. Hyper local dating sites are spamming L.A. neighborhoods and the fascinating Dame Darcy talks with LAist about art, the city and earthquakes.

DCist rides the Metro in Caracus, Venezuela and sees a few similarities to the District's Metro. The city also mimics L.A. by expanding its Scientology presence and attempts to make like an actual State with votes in Congress and everything.

Austinist rocks gradually louder, faster and heavier with Mogwai and then spends a little time talking about Austin hip hop. Also the big city gets a little bit bigger. Taller anyway. Ok, a new 675 foot tower.

2006_05_outandabouts.jpgGothamist is forced to endure some of the stupidest crap ever to be broadcast as a radio signal. That and an unfortunate intentionally exposed penis on the subway are only partially offset by the news that David Bowie will be curating the inaugural High Line Festival.

Phillyist is preparing for the funeral for their undergraduate life. Well, welcome to the world. A ball player smashes his face into a metal pole to save a win over the Mets and roller skaters get interviewed.

kimeric-thumbs.jpgSFist strikes a match by noting that the mayor's ex is headed back to the alter and the commenters roll up with a drum of gasoline. Something to see. Also the Pacific Coast Highway is washed out and a Webby costs at least $245.

Chicagoist continues their long goodbye to Marshal Fields by pointing out that there are only so many tours left. No one wants to tour Macys. Bigger El trains are coming, though, in 2009. Mixed news on the gay rights front.

Clemens510s.jpgHoustonist investigates the bottomless horrors of "secondary virginity," otherwise known as reconstructive vaginal surgery. Is Roger Clemens going to pitch this year or is he going to spend the season as a motivational speaker? And the suburbs experience a new environmental disaster: nail rain.

Torontoist claims North America's Hottest Vegetarian for Mother Toronto. That's Toronto 1, Montreal 0. There's also a Canadian Wal Mart on the loose, slaughtering small businesses and eating the corpses..

Seattlest has a convo with itself over the high gas prices in the state and ultimately blames the government. Michael Medved steals a movie seat and BLVD, a new urban contemporary gallery, opens in the city.