Not only are the Giants in the middle of a brutal six-game losing streak, but the team is increasingly difficult to watch. Quarterback Eli Manning has hardly improved (in fact he may be getting worse) and to add to the debacle this week the Giants face the Steelers and their rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who is 11-0 as a starter. The Giants passed on Roethlisberger in favor of a trade for Manning that cost them draft picks that are getting better every week.

Last week Manning had a quarterback rating of zero. That’s actually harder to do than one might think. For instance, Giants punter Jeff Feagles, who is 0 for 1 with no interceptions on the season, actually has a passing rating of 39.2.

The one thing the Giants have going for them is that the game is on Saturday and the Giants are 15-9 on Saturdays. That is the third best winning percentage on Saturday since 1970 with a minimum of five games. That’s all we got optimism wise. Other than that we at Gothamist see the Giants getting totally pasted this weekend. Enjoy it.

AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy