Eli Manning in a Preseason Game

In a move that could signal the beginning of a second half run or the beginning of the end, the Giants announced yesterday that the wealthy rookie quarterback Eli Manning will take over the the offense and start under center this Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons come to the Meadowlands.

Ex-N.F.L. M.V.P. and former grocery bag boy Kurt Warner had been sacked 24 times in the past four weeks as the Giants have lost 3 of their last 4 games. A lot of the blame for Warner's troubles have to fall on the shoulders of the offensive line and, while it’s not like Manning is going to be any more mobile in the pocket, Gothamist feels that this is the right move. Not only is it time for a change, but it is also the only way to generate any excitement about this Sunday’s game.

We at Gothamist would like to correct the error from yesterday's post in which we said that the Giants were playing the Eagles this Sunday. They are in fact hosting the Falcons. We're sorry for the mistake and blame everybody except ourselves. Thank you.

Photo by AP/Chuck Burton