The Giants ended their season on a semi-positive note with rookie quarterback Eli Manning throwing three touchdowns and gaining his first professional victory in a 28-24 victory over the Cowboys in the Swamp.

The real highlight of the day was Tiki Barber’s three-yard touchdown run — off an audible by Manning — that won the game with 11 seconds remaining. Earlier in the game Barber became the Giants’ all-time leading rusher — besting Rodney Hampton’s career mark of 6,897 — and that final touchdown run gave Barber 1,518 yards for the season. That broke Joe Morris’ single season mark of 1,516, set in 1986. Barber deserves the spotlight as he has been just about the only consistent Giant week and week out.

Now the Giants fan must look to the future, which has just got to be better than the present. Eli Manning has shown improvement and will hopefully continue that over the summer. Giants owner Welling Mara said simply, “Obviously, we need to get better players than we have now.” Easier said than done, but we’ll stay tuned, because if we kept watching this team all season you know we’ll stay tuned.