There's a big crazy-looking building in DUMBO under the northeast end of the Manhattan Bridge that I've been terribly curious about for a
while now. It's very modern, has a metal exterior and
these big buttress-like things on top, pokes up to overlook the
roadway on the bridge, and is brightly bathed in green light (probably
neon?) at night. I could swear I've seen it with purple light at
other times. There doesn't appear to be any signage on it, so I can't tell what it is. I'm dying of curiosity!


Gothamist turned to a recent article in New York Magazine for the answer to this one, as the building piqued our curiosity after many a cab ride over the Manhattan Bridge. It turns out that the building is the home base of of Scarano & Associates, an architecture firm. The futuristic-looking rooftop - local residents have dubbed it the "Jetsons" building" - was designed by Dedy Blaustein, a Pratt graduate.

If you've seen green lights illluminating the rooftop's trusses recently, it's probably not in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Unlike the Empire State Building's lighting, which regularly changes colors to mark holidays or special events, the DUMBO building's lighting is arbitrary and changes at the whim of its creator. According to New York Magazine, only Blaustein knows how to work the lighting system and he "sometimes forgets to change the colors."

Photo credit: Dedy Blaustein