US Men's Eight; Photo: Getty Images/Andy Clark-Pool

The US men's rowing team, once the dominant team in the Olympics, ended their 40 year winless streak in the Olympics Sunday with a victory in the finals of the men's eight. With a winning time of 5:42.48, the US boat led from the start. At one point during the race, the Americans led by so much that the stern of their boat was at the bow ball of their closest competitor.

After the race, they threw Pete Cipollone, the coxswain, into the water, as tradition dictates. The team from stern to bow was Bryan Volpenhein, Beau Hoopman, Dan Beery, Matt Deakin, Joseph Hansen, Chris Ahrens, Wyatt Allen, and Jason Read.

The US women's eight also won a medal Sunday, taking the silver, while Romania won the gold. Romania has now won their 3rd Olympic gold in a row. The medal for the US women was their first in 20 years.