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It's no secret that people dread airport travel, and why not? Before you get on the plane, you have to deal with long security lines, heavy baggage fees, and waiting for hours on those hard airport chairs with a million screaming kids and $14 bottles of water everywhere.

The Virgin Lounge (Sarah Spigelman)

The Concorde Room (Sarah Spigelman)

Unless, that is, you have access (via a first class ticket and/or ultra-high frequent flyer status) to one of the truly exceptional airline lounges that offer everything from free premium champagne to hairstyling by one of the world's trendiest salons. Here are the 3 best lounges in NYC. Spoiler alert—they are all in JFK. What gives, Newark and LaGuardia?

British Airways Concorde Room - if you are flying first class on British Airways, you receive entrance to the ultra exclusive Concorde room, a lounge within the already elegant British Galleries business class lounge.

Here, sit among crystal chandeliers and fine artwork, while you recline in private leather booths and dine off of a menu featuring dishes like deviled Cornish crab and sticky toffee pudding.

Don't forget to treat yourself to a glass of champagne and a massage or facial in the Elemis Travel Spa before you depart. All of this is, of course, without charge.

Virgin Clubouse—the cool party kid of the lounges. Come here for the airy layout and curvaceous, sexy décor and stay for the amenities. Pool table? Check. Bar with top shelf liquor and champagne? Check. Restaurant style seating and menus? Check. Free hair styling by Bumble and Bumble? Check.

Bumble & Bumble at the Virgin Lounge (Sarah Spigelman)

Even add on a haircut for a small fee. The party just continues in the air, with seemingly endless entertainment options while you jet across land or sea.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge—the glutton's lounge. Head up to the first class lounge for a full view of the tarmac, light wood décor, and free wifi in the business center. This lounge is a rather small, exclusive area within the larger Senator's Lounge. In the first class section, the focus is on the excellent buffet.

The Lufthansa Buffet (Sarah Spigelman)

The selection is vast and high end, with offerings ranging from beef stroganoff and spaetzle to crispy Asian crabcakes and Germany's famous frankfurters. Feel free to finish your feast with a shower in one of the shower suites.

Finally, three reasons to show up early to the airport, and none of them involve a strip search.

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