2005_11_sbrown.jpgWhen Phil Jackson retired from coaching the Lakers after the 2004 season he didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about Kobe Bryant calling him selfish among other things. Bryant chafed at playing within Jackson’s offense when Shaquile O’Neal was the primary option. A year apart obviously changed both of them as Bryant now shoots when he wants to, 36 times last night, and Jackson seems content to take his ten million dollars a year while watching him. The happy couple led the Lakers to a 97-92 victory last night as Kobe scored 42 points while going 15-36 from the field.

Larry Brown turned his wandering eye to the Knicks last spring, as he grew bored in Detroit. Ten million dollars a year later and Brown had his “dream job”. The only problem with his dream is that the roster he has inherited isn’t constructed to play the way Brown likes to play. Brown mixed and matched again and again last night, using every player on his bench, but he couldn’t find a combination that was capable of stopping the Lakers or scoring consistently.

So, two of the most talented coaches in the NBA will continue to be well compensated as they coach teams with players that seem to be the opposite of all they stand for.

Photo by AP/Kevork Djansezian via ESPN