I want to play coed volleyball this fall/winter but the two leagues I know of in Manhattan are wack. Both are way uptown and one of them is only open to people who are a "college graduate or hold a professional position". Isn't there someplace else, preferably downtown, where I can get my volleyball on?

2004_08_ask_volleyball.jpg According to Volleyball Worldwide's New York webpage, most of the volleyball leagues in NY are indeed on the upper west and east sides, as well as Brooklyn and Queens. But if you prefer not to take that subway ride to other parts of the city, there is one volleyball league downtown - Gotham Volleyball, located in Chelsea. According to their website, "Our members are primarily gay and lesbian but we also welcome individuals who are bisexual, transgender, and straight." So there you go.

If you don't like the locations or rules of Manhattan's current volleyball leagues, why not start your own downtown division? The Parks Department has 16 volleyball courts in Manhattan open to the public - one of them ought to suit your needs. You'll need a permit to have an organized league, but you can easily apply for one using a handy online form on the Parks website. If you need to have an indoor space, why not check with a local branch of the YMCA and see if they have a volleyball court or would be open to starting a league if they don't have one.