Growing up in New York, Gothamist was limited to only two baseball options, the Yankees and the Mets, but in recent years, baseball has bloomed in the big city. Two more options are available for baseball fans in the single A affiliates of the Yankees and the Mets - the Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones.

The Cyclones returned baseball to Brooklyn in 2001 after a 44-year absence when the Dodgers moved to California. Since then, they have had one of the most loyal fan bases of any single A teams in the country, drawing almost 300,000 fans to Keyspan Park since they started playing. Yesterday, we went to our first Cyclones game of the season.

The stadium eventually filled with a foggy mist, but the Cyclones defeated the Auburn Doubledays 3-2, with 3 runs in late in the game. The beauty of a game at Keyspan, or at any other minor league game for that matter, is the small town atmosphere. Sure, beers still cost $5, but there is plenty of mid-inning entertainment - including an eating contest, which Gothamist participated in.

And if minor league baseball isn't enough fun, there is always plenty to do at Coney Island.

Photo by Rion Nakaya and her trip to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones