A-Rod best ship into shape. If not, his hitting coach might have to take him out. After all, Don Mattingly is the "Hit Man." Gothamist reader Matt sent over a link to this poster to us. It seems like it's about 20 years old. The text of the poster (click the image enlarge) reads "Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees, 1985 American League MVP and Converse. The shoes he wears every time he makes a hit." His gun? A silver bat. His ammo? Baseballs. Watch out!

More importantly, where can Gothamist get one of those stylin' pinstripe suits with matching tie. We'd like to wear it to the next Yankee game we attend. And what's with the lack of facial hair? Marketing or not, it's not Donnie Baseball without that 'stache.

Image from DonMattingly.com