2005_08_snetfan.jpgYou will have to forgive Yankee fans for acting a bit irrationally today. After all, who can blame them for being upset after watching Jose Contreras handcuff their lineup for seven plus innings as the White Sox won 2-1. When he was a Yankee, Contreras would probably have wilted under the pressure of a game like this, but wearing a different uniform seems to have had a positive affect on Jose.

You would think a 2-1 game would be all the excitement you would need on a summer evening, but one fan decided to make things more interesting by jumping from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium into the netting behind home plate. Scott Harper apparently told his friends he wanted to see if the net would hold his weight and then jumped. Gothamist does not recommend this and wonders if Scott had fully considered what would have happened if the net didn’t hold his weight.

The Yankees wrap up their series against the White Sox today with journeyman Aaron Small taking the mound. Small has been great for the Yankees in three starts and they will need him to continue to pitch well as there are serious doubts that Carl Pavano will return to the Yankees rotation in 2005.

Photo by AP via ESPN