The NYC Department of Sanitation has a new way to help feed hungry New Yorkers - with an eye toward keeping it in the neighborhood. Thanks to donateNYC, businesses with food they won’t use can now easily connect with community groups and nonprofits that are feeding hungry New Yorkers.

donateNYC was already among the nation’s most impactful city-led programs keeping usable goods from reaching landfills. Now, donateNYC is taking on food waste.

Advised by experts from City Harvest and Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, donateNYC’s food portal supports the already-robust food rescue network across New York City with a new way for groups engaged in feeding to connect with businesses looking to do good - and keep food from going to waste in landfills.

The website is easy to use. First, businesses post their available food. Then, the system identifies groups that could make good use of it. donateNYC prioritizes connections by type of food needed and then by distance, alerting the closet matches first. This lets businesses support community groups active in their own neighborhoods.

The new food portal on donateNYC serves New York City-based businesses, nonprofits and agencies. However, residents can also use the website by using the Give + Find search bar and selecting “food” to find places to donate and receive food. This enhancement is thanks to a new law sponsored by Councilmember Rafael Espinal, whose goal was to minimize the amount of edible food that’s thrown out instead of being used.

Visit donateNYC at

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, The NYC Department of Sanitation.