2005_05_dogpassport.jpgTonight, 30 dogs from China will be arriving at JFK Airport, to be put up for adoption at the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington. Newsday reports that these dogs were in a crowded Beijing animal shelter (crowded and Beijing seem synonymous to us) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare decided to step in, saying that the Beijing shelter had "more dogs in the shelter than they can adopt out." Certain breeds of dogs are illegal for ownership in China - for instance, a dog bigger taller than 6 inches is contraband. However, PETA pointed out that the trip from China to NY isn't a "picnic" and that millions of American animals are euthanized each year. The IFAW tells Newsday they are trying to help out Chinese shelters and encourage the government to remove breed bans.

Gothamist likes how the animals travel with passports. And we wonder how long it'll take for the dogs to understand English.