Driving in Orlando

My client is based in Orlando, so I am getting pretty familiar with the Delta and American Airlines NY-Orlando and Orlando-NY flights. There tend to be a lot of children on these flights. Kids running around in the airport lounge, kids clapping when the pilot and flight crew announce we are in Orlando. The past Orlando-NY flight included two kids, ages 10 and 7, sitting behind me, shouting every five minutes. When there was turbulence, they would squeal, "This is SOOO cool." I seriously questioned the sanity of the parents who neglected to tell the kids to simmer down now.

Airplane at Orlando International I stay at the Hyatt at the airport, which isn't very comfortable but there are small pleasures, like seeing a plane taxi along the runway while the sun is rising.

Planes I've taken this week
Monday: NY - Dallas
Tuesday: Dallas - Chicago
Wednesday: Chicago - NY
Thursday: NY - Orlando
Friday: Orlando -NY

I'd like an IndyJunior map from Bryan Boyer, a la Meg Hourihan. It looks like I'll be going to Orlando again in a week and a half, then Atlanta and Tampa...then St. Louis and Denver...probably Orlando in between then...

I enjoy signs like the one below best.