BoyFromOz.jpgWill be in NY next month. Need a good restaurant for dinner after The Boy from Oz at the Imperial Theatre. Can you give me some choices? Many thanks.

It's always an issue. Where do you go to eat after the theater? You want a unique dining experience, and not to end up at the Olive Garden. Here are some recommendations:

There are several really great restaurants on 9th Ave. If you are willing to just take a walk and pop in somewhere, 9th between 43rd and 48th has a number of really good restaurants. Some of our favorites, or places we've heard especially recommended: If you're up for Thai food, Pam Real Thai is pretty good. Or try a bowl of chili at Manhattan Chili Company. For Italian, you can try Trattoria Dopo Teatro.

New York Magazine recommends Triomphe if you're willing to spend a little bit more money.

More casual? Ask Gothamist has already sung the praises of Burger Joint.

The folks on the Ozalot forums also suggest Sophia's Pizza (on 45th near the Milford Plaza) and Barrymore's right next door to the theater.

We know many New Yorkers avoid Times Square like the plague, but if anyone else has Theater District food recommendations, we'd love to hear them.