Sebastian Telfair; Photo: Shannon Stapleton/NY Times

Darius Washington Sr. is convinced that his son, Darius Washington Jr., from Florida, is better than Sebastian Telfair, last week's first round draft pick for the Portland Trailblazers. Mr. Washington says that Telfair wouldn't be special at all if he didn't play in New York. In the Daily News article, Washington said, " "Take him out of New York and put him in North Carolina or somewhere like that, or put him in a gym where nobody knows his name, and he's just another kid." Stinging criticism indeed.

Gothamist wonders why Mr. Washington is so bitter about Telfair going pro and his son staying home. The two players played each other in two games last season, with Telfair out playing Washington in both. In a nationally televised game between their two high schools, Telfair led Lincoln to a victory after injuring his ankle. During a basketball camp last summer, Telfair also played better than Washington. Strangely, Telfair and Washington Jr. are also close friends.

Darius Washington Jr. is headed to Memphis where his father says he could leave after one year if he wants. Telfair would have gone to Louisville if he went to college and the match-ups between the two in Conference USA would have been exciting. Unfortunately for C-USA and college fans, Telfair jumped directly to the NBA.