2006_03_srangerslib.gifWhat was Jagr doing on the ice? Down 5-1 with less than five minutes to go, why would the Rangers put Jagr on the penalty-kill unit? And why did Jagr suddenly decide to become a tough guy? We don’t know the answers to those questions but we know the results, a 6-1 loss and an injured superstar.

In the covert world of the NHL playoffs we probably won’t find out what exactly happened to Jagr, but it looked like he hurt his arm or shoulder when he took a swipe at Scott Gomez. Considering how much the Rangers rely on him and how thoroughly dominant the Devils were on Saturday, a substantial injury to Jagr would probably end any chance the Rangers had of winning the series.

Even if Jagr comes back, the Rangers have plenty of problems to address. They took way too many stupid penalties and let the Devils control the game. They played without passion or smarts and looked more like the Rangers of 2004 than the team we loved watching this season. Can they rediscover their spark and get back into the series? We will find out Monday night.