Sometimes, those crazy kids on craigslist just make us smile. Take, for instance, this post from yesterday:

Attention eccentric millionaires! As per the classic horror films of days gone by, I hearby offer the following service: I will spend the night in your creepy haunted mansion in exchange for $1 million. If you have ever dreamed of staging your own Castle of Blood/House on haunted Hill style dare of this nature, then let my availability be the impetus that spurs you toward realizing your crazy dream of paying someone to spend the night in your haunted mansion (castle acceptable as well). I have my own transportation and am willing to travel, though I will also accept it if you prefer to send a hearse limo to pick me up. I am also willing to take part in a competition where you invite five or six people, and whoever survives the night gets the money.

So, any takers?

Small Pox Hospital jet200nyc via Contribute.