2006_02_scrawford.jpgThe Knicks keep finding new and more humiliating ways to lose. Tuesday night, it was an inbounds play that sunk them. Down by one with 2.2 seconds left in the game, Jalen Rose could not get the ball in play within five seconds and were whistled for a turnover that sealed their 85-82 loss.

Rose actually could have been called for a technical foul, because he appeared to try and call a timeout, which the Knicks didn’t have. Apparently, Rose didn’t learn anything from his Michigan teammate, Chris Webber, who is famous for having done the same thing in the NCAA finals. For Rose, it was the second game in a row that he has not been able to make a play in the final seconds. Sunday his shot was blocked with six seconds remaining.

With the trading deadline fast approaching the rumors are swirling that the Knicks will make a deal. Apparently, Isiah has decided that only Eddy Curry and Channing Frye are untouchable, meaning David Lee and Nate Robinson might want to start packing. The Knicks are going to be over the salary cap for the rest of the decade and won’t have their own first round pick until the 2008 draft, so the only trade that would make sense would be getting some younger players in here. Gothamist shudders at the thought of more overpaid veterans coming to town, the Knicks have way too many of those.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net