Door on West 11th StreetSomeday, I'll understand how to focus the camera

Money magazine takes a look at yuppies who lost their jobs and are now "underemployed," taking lower paying gigs not only to make ends meet but to feel active and busy as well. Money calls these people, duppies, "depressed urban professionals." The article mentions Martin Pierce, who runs a support group, WIND and says "For most Americans, their identity is tied up to what they do. Depression is very common with the unemployed." Depression is also common in the employed: Gothamist has been, at various times, employed and unempoyed, so according to our calculations, we've been depressed at least 12 cumulative years. But the key is not to accept the depression - staying active is critical (volunteer work is a good thing to do when not hustling for work). And talking to people who understand helps: Gothamist had other unemployed cronies, but we'd have gone to a support group if we'd known about them.