2006_04_debric.jpgAt Gothamist, we've been a little obsessed with D'Brickashaw Ferguson, the UVA offensive tackle who the NY Jets may be considering for their first round draft pick in the fourth slot. (The Jets may also be considering defensive end Mario Williams from NC State, or the Jets may trade down - basically, they might do anything.) Why are we obsessed? Because D'Brickashaw suddenly becomes an awesome nickname for anyone or anything. And we were tickled to learn that its origins are from The Thorn Birds - as in Father Ralph de Bricassart. While the book was published in 1978, it got the 10-hour ABC miniseries treatment in 1983, which is the year Ferguson was born. Coincidentally, Ferguson is a religious studies major!

Ferguson was born in NYC, and grew up in Long Island, so some Jets fans would like that. We think the NY tabs would love it, what with all the "Brick Wall ..." and "Brickhouse..." or "Bricked Up" headlines they'd be able to use.