reidsoanya.jpgThere is something very underwhelming about the title of Reid Stowe and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad's blog entry today: Day One. But if it's only the first day of a 1,000-day sea voyage, we understand the instinct to not overdo things early. Yesterday, the boyfriend-girlfriend team sailed away from a pier in Hoboken and out of New York Bay into the Atlantic on their 70-foot boat "The Schooner Anne." They don't intend on returning to land or even stopping in a harbor to resupply for approximately two years and nine months, or exactly 1,000 days. Such an undertaking would be daunting for any experienced sailor, so we were surprised to read this at WNBC's site:

Ahmad is the daughter of immigrants from Guyana, and she’s never sailed before, except up and down the Hudson River.

And here's an excerpt from Soanya Ahmad's first blog post from sea:

I haven't gotten seasick yet and am enjoying the ethereal beauty around me. It certainly is quiet out here and it's a bit of a relief after the buzz of our preparations and departure. Reid is on another much needed cat nap and I'm ready to start organizing the last minute items that were thrown onboard yesterday. What a wonderful beginning!

If we were taking a sea voyage of 1,000 days with no chances to resupply, we would not be waiting until the "last minute" to throw things aboard and we hope we wouldn't be pleasantly surprised at a lack of seasickness our first day on calm seas. Reid Stowe must be a very persuasive boyfriend. We wish them both luck on their journey.