2006_01_sdavishome.jpgAntonio Davis is at home in Illinois serving his suspension for entering the stands Wednesday night. Yesterday he angrily refused calls to apologize and appealed his suspension while reasserting his original story that an intoxicated fan attacked his wife, Kendra.

But details are emerging that Kendra may not be completely innocent. This is not the first time she has gotten into trouble during a game. In 2001 she got into an argument with Latrell Sprewell during a Raptors-Knicks playoff series. Furthermore, according to witnesses, she was the one who initiated the confrontation with Michael Axelrod after hearing someone use a vulgar word behind her. From that point it is unclear what happened next other than Antonio Davis came into the stands to protect his wife. Apparently, security was watching the whole thing which makes Gothamist wonder exactly what are they there for?

So, this incident gets stranger. On one hand you have a man who went into the stands to protect his wife, which most people understand. But, what if his wife was at fault? Does that change your view of the incident? Mike Lupica thinks Antonio Davis should just shut up and the whole thing may be resolved by the most American of ways; a lawsuit.

Photo by Bates via The Daily News