David Blaine

In an effort to show everyone that he's just crazy, David Blaine cut off his ear during a press conference in London earlier this week. Reuters reports: The daredevil U.S. magician apparently drew blood after he was asked whether he could show the assembled reporters any new tricks. He borrowed a pocket knife and screamed as he applied it to his left ear. He left the room holding a bloodied handkerchief to his ear before reappearing and walking past journalists with his ear and the top of his shirt covered with what appeared to be blood.

David Blaine is no van Gogh. A real artist would have done this in the privacy of his home, not at a press conference. Pandering fool. And in Gothamist's book, he didn't hurt himself enough.

A large image of David Blaine's cut-up ear. Press release describing his London stunt: Plexiglass box, 44 days, suspended over the Thames...yada yada yada. The Sun asks various magicians what they think of David Blaine.