Dateline, Hong Kong

Feng Shui, the Asian art/science/hokum about creating harmony and balance in spaces, is very big these days in the West. For example, the Trump International Tower on Central Park West has a silver globe in front of its building, even though the building has gold accents. Something about feng shui. And attracting Asian buyers and investors. As ugly as some New Yorkers may think Trump's buildings are, that's nothing on Hong Kong's skyline. Sure, some buildings are cool, but some are crazy. For instance, The Repulse Bay. Replacing the old Repulse Bay hotel that had a distinctively British imperial colonial feel, the current building is this huge apartment complex (to take advantage of the South China Seas view), with a hole cut out for feng shui purposes.

By the way, the Bank of China building that IM Pei designed looks a knife. My mom's office faces it, so for feng shui purposes, she's placed a mirror facing the bank, to ward off that negative energy.