Looks like there's one couple in this city who wants out. Danny and Nina want to try a new locale for a while and are putting their destination in your hands.

Danny told us, "While there were a bunch of places that were appealing to us, none of them stood out as THE one, so we decided to put the decision in the hands of the internet population. Visitors who come to our site choose from a list of 250 towns across the U.S. and vote for where we should move. Once we hit 1,000,000 votes, Nina and I are going to pack up and head to the winning town!"

You can read more about their idea here, and of course VOTE right here (you can even vote to keep them in New York). Right now Fort Collins, CO is WAY ahead of the others (we're guessing they have family there).

They're only at 168,222 votes, so they've got some time to pack - and plenty of time to blog.