Chicago Cubs, you squander your 3 run lead in the eighth inning and let the Marlins score 8. And an assumed Cubs fan may have interfered with a play! This, of course, reminds New Yorkers of little 12 year-old Jeff Maier (ranked number 4 on The Sporting News' list of the top 25 Unusual and Unforgettable Baseball moments) who turned a possible fly ball into a home run for Derek Jeter, helping the Yankees win Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS. However, the Chicago last night correctly ruled no fan interference, but that doesn't mean Moises Alou ain't pissed. If it all hangs on that moment, then maybe next year? And while watching the local Chicago Fox station's post-game coverage, the sports reporter claimed that the kid who caught the ball was escorted out of the park by security with his sweater over his head. NBC 5 reported that a firefight sitting next to Chicago public enemy number one said the ball looked to be coming at the fan and if in fact the fan had interfered, the firefight would have shoved him out of the way. Brilliant.

Chicago Sun-Times: Cubs Take It On Fanny
NY Times: Cubs Handed One More Cruel Twist. Game 7, Chicago-Florida, is tonight.

Don Zimmer; Image - The ObserverAnd Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Menino doubled their "friendly" ALCS bet. Their announcement was peppered with references to crazy old-man pushing Game 3. Boston's mayor is offering up "a Legal Seafoods clambake of lobsters, steamers, linguica and “REAL” clam chowder from four to eight servings." The New York side of the bet. The Yankees lead the series, 3 games to 2. Game 6 is today.

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