Dear Gothamist,

I will be moving to New York this summer and starting school at NYU in the fall. I currently have a second job as a waitress in a hip Cuban restaurant here in my hometown, where the customers like that I speak Spanish and know the culture behind the food. Since Gothamist is such a well-known foodie, can you suggest upscale Cuban or Latino restaurants where the service is known for being more friendly than stuffy and the checks are on the somewhat high end?

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2004_05_askcubanrest.jpgThere are lots of great Cuban restaurants in New York. Hopefully they're hiring, but if you are looking for a job or just want some good food, here are some suggestions:

These are Zagat's recommendations for Cuban restaurants, which is probably a good place to start. We at Ask Gothamist also recommend:

Cafe con Leche in the Upper West Side has 2 locations, both on Amsterdam. One at 80th St. and one between 95th and 96th.

Cafe Habana at 229 Elizabeth St. in SoHo.

Son Cubano on W 14th between 9th and 10th. A little pricier but very highly recommended.

Havana Village at 94 Christopher Street in the West Village.

Hispaniola at 829 W 181st Street. It's not strictly a Cuban restaurant, but definitely has a lot of Latin and Carribean influences. And, besides, more people should come up to Washington Heights. (And it looks like you can apply for a job there from the website.)