2005_04_svinceisdone.jpgThat lottery pick going to Cleveland is probably looking pretty good to the Nets this morning. Despite a defense-heavy, double-overtime effort, New Jersey once again fell to Miami last night 108-105 at the swamp. Though Shaq was saddled with foul trouble and Richard Jefferson played great defense against Dwayne Wade, the Nets just couldn't put the game away. At one point, R.J. completely blew an uncontested lay-up...which is when Nets fans knew it was over.

On a brighter note, Jefferson did score 23 points and often resembled his full-strength self. In addition, Vince Carter added 36 to end a 2-game slump, and Jason Kidd put up another ho-hum triple double. The fact that they did this and lost should explain the challenge of staying alive past Sunday's Game 4 ( which begins at 3:30pm Eastern). While Jason Collins told the NY Times that "The Red Sox did it, so the precedent is there," Gothamist just isn't seeing it. At least they're still better than the Knicks, eh?

Even with the Nets in an 0-3 hole, Gothamist's Tien Mao points out that the NBA is still pimping a new Jay-Z produced Nets playoff song based on "The Takeover". Perhaps they should now switch to some Jan Hammer or Glenn Frey, because the Nets are about to say hello to Shaq's lil' fren'. In other Miami news, play the wonderful CSI:Miami drinking game (use caution!), or read up on the new Miami Vice movie starring Jamie Foxx as Tubbs.

Photo via NY Times