For the first time in three years, the New Jersey Nets will not be representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. Their injury plagued season came to an end last week at the hands of the Detroit Pistons. Can the Nets rebound and make another run at the NBA title in the near future? This summer will likely make or break them.

- Will Jason Kidd have knee surgery? It was obvious as the Detroit series wore on that he was not 100%.
- Will Rod Thorn resign Kenyon Martin, and if so, for how much? Martin has stated many times he wants a maximum contract and rejected a previous offer because he felt he was being lowballed. Will Thorn let another team set the market or be proactive?
- Will 34 year old Alonzo Mourning return from a kidney transplant and play next year?
- Will 2002 1st round pick Nenad Kristic come overseas and be in blue next year?
- After trying Kevin Ollie, Anthony Johnson, Chris Childs, Robert Pack, Doug Overton, Anthony Goldwire and Zoran Planinic, can Rod Thorn find a suitable back up for Kidd?
- Both Richard Jefferson and Jason Collins are eligible for contract extensions this summer. RJ’s value goes up every day, what will Thorn do?
- The 22nd pick in the draft this summer. The Nets need to upgrade their outside shooting in the worst way. A guy like Kirk Snyder would be perfect and could contribute right away.

One thing is for certain, Lawrence Frank will receive a contract extension from Thorn and keep him roaming the Nets sidelines for the foreseeable future. After that, Thorn’s job gets a lot tougher. A string of bad decisions (Chris Childs and Rodney Rogers to name two) from the former GM of the Year has left his club cash strapped and worse for the wear. He spent $18 million on two centers, ‘Zo and Dikembe Mutombo, that played a collective 36 games this year.

The Nets certainly have the talent to return to their place among the games elite teams, but only time will tell if they will make it.