2006_02_vdayclist.jpgThis story tells us something we already know, people like looking for love on the internet. We didn't know, however, that people actually still used the missed connections section on Craigslist to find love. We shy away from looking there as much as we shy away from looking at the "could be perfect for us but we'll never know" stranger sitting across from us on the subway. Luckily, some less jaded New Yorkers weren't too scared to find eachother after a missed connection:

After seeing Danny on the L train subway in New York, Rachel posted a message on the "missed connections" section of http://newyork.craigslist.org. The Web page offers a way to track down that irresistible person you didn't dare approach the first time round.

Danny responded to Rachel's posting, they e-mailed and finally met, according to Craigslist, which provided an e-mail from the woman, identifying her only by her first name.

"We had a lot in common! We both graduated school recently, and we're both into the same music and books. And he's vegetarian too! (do you know how hard it is to find veg guys out there?!?)" Rachel wrote in the e-mail.

"We have been together now for an amazing 6 months."

That's cute, but the missed connections section also serves as a platform for: the depressed, the confused, the poetic , the incarcerated, the silent and so much more.

Other online outlets for flirting: Consumating and MySpace. Of course, we prefer the old-fashioned real life meetings in grocery aisles and bookstores.