2005_03_ask_coolhands.jpgMy extremeties, hands in particular, are always cold even when indoors. I'm always self-conscious when shaking hands because of this. What can I do to remedy this?

Ask Gothamist suffers from persistent cold hands too. Our mom, whose hands are also always freezing, likes to say, "Cold hands, warm heart." Aside from muttering that expression to everyone who shakes your hand, you can try these tips to warm up your digits:

- Avoid items that constrict your blood vessels or impair circulation, such as excessive caffeine, smoking, or tight clothing.
- Obviously, try to dress warmly. Layers are key. Natural fibers such as wool are best for retaining heat. We often wear fingerless gloves indoors but we do get strange looks in the office sometimes.
- Three words: Constant hot beverages.
- Make sure you're getting enough iron in your diet. Some people also say ginger and cayenne supplements help to increase circulation.
- Exercise: Regular exercise can help improve circulation. When your hands are cold, try rotating your shoulders, arms, and wrists to get the blood flowing and clenching and unclenching your fists.
- Try rubbing/massaging your hands to improve circulation in the area.

Check out Warmer Hands Naturally! Ten Easy Free Tips for more info.

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