Sebastian Telfair; Photo: NY Daily News

Brooklyn's Lincoln High School won its 3rd PSAL championship in a row last night , defeating Cardozo High School, 74-65. The team was led by Sebastian Telfair, a six foot guard and New York's Mr. Basketball, who led the team with 25 points in the victory. Many people think Telfair, cousin of Stephon Marbury, will skip college and go to the NBA, but after the game, Telfair said, "I'm not sad that it's over because we won, and that's all that matters. But I enjoyed playing here, and being with my team. If I could play a couple more years of high school, I'd do it all over again." The team's next task is the state tournament.

Telfair is already a star (check out the gallery Newsday devotes to him), with Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Spike Lee , and 12,018 other people in attendance at The Garden. Gothamist wonders if Telfair will be the next Kevin Garnett or the next Leon Smith.

If you're looking for some more mature action, the NCAA tournament starts today, Manhattan is ready, and Manhattan head coach Bobby Gonzalez is a hot prospect.