Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited NYC yesterday in order to bolster the NYC 2012 Olympics bid. Rice noted the city's diversity as well as the switch from the West Side to Shea Stadium: "This is a comeback city and New Yorkers have always been known for their unwillingness to say die, for their unwillingness to give up and they have demonstrated yet again that they put together a terrific bid. When it comes down to it, what better city? I'm sure that the facilities will be first-rate because everything New York does is first rate." Meh, rhetoric. The International Olympics Committee will decide where the 2012 Olympics will be held on July 6, in Singapore. The other candidate cities are Paris, Madrid, Moscow, and London; those countries' leaders will be with their respective Olympics bid teams in Singapore for the announcement, while President Bush will be there via video (!). At any rate, you can make up your own Secretary Rice and giant white balls jokes in the comments.

Photograph from the AP